Front Door Awnings For Residential

Did you know that residential window awnings and door awnings can reduce a home’s internal temperature up to 15 degrees? It’s true. According to a study done by the Department of Energy, awnings for your home can help you reduce your energy usage and utility costs.

That’s why more and more homeowners are choosing to purchase our window awnings and doors awnings. Our customers are particularly pleased to find that they have a wide selection of styles, colors and materials from which to choose.

Window and door awnings can be:

  • Classic or contemporary in design
  • Made from canvas, vinyl, fabric, aluminum and metal
  • Complementary to your architecture
  • Retractable or fixed frame
  • Removable or permanent
  • Custom crafted to your specifications

Hastings Aluminum Awnings

Aluminum awnings have been around for decades and they are made to last. Every Hastings Aluminum Awning is custom made to fit your doors and windows.  Our awning panels are securely fastened to the strong understructure beneath and built to survive all four seasons with low maintenance involved.  These awnings are functional, fade-resistant, rust-resistant, and they won’t warp or crack.

The most popular fixed frame awnings we fabricate for houses tend to be our Bubble/Dome Awnings and Mansard/Shed Awnings.

Bubble/Dome Style Awnings

Bubble or Dome Style Awnings are classically elegant and feature a softly ballooning design that curves outward. The frame is welded aluminum and covered with fabric.  They are commonly seen over smaller doors and windows.  The standard bubble/dome awning is symmetrical; the height and projection is the same dimension while the width must be double the height/projection dimension.

Mansard/Shed Awnings

Mansard and Shed Style Awnings are triangular in design, feature a standard front panel that descends and are the most common to people because they have been around for centuries.

Mansard awnings tend to have a rigid or soft valance and side panels, while a shed style awning comes without side panels. Both awnings can be used for windows, entries, porches, patio and more.  They are considered a traditional awning and typically used when restoring historical buildings.


Dura-bilt awnings are perfect for year-round protection from the elements. They feature interlocking aluminum panels with an aluminum and zinc hot-dipped coating for long-term durability.  The contemporary straight-line design of your Dura-bilt awning will provide your deck or patio with protection you need to continue enjoying your outdoor space.  Whether you will be covering an entrance or patio, your Dura-bilt will make a valued addition to your home for many years.