Lakeshore & Beyond Awning Cleaning & Repair Services

Awnings, canopies, and specialty covers, including boat covers, made of canvas and fabric must be cleaned and maintained regularly.  Due to daily exposure of the sun, wind, sand, dirt and water, these products need to be properly taken care of in order to lengthen the life and maintain the integrity of the material.

Let us do the work!  We hand clean awnings and canopies on the frames at their location, or if required, they are taken back to our facility.  We use gentle and safe cleaners that are worked deep into the material to help remove imbedded dirt and grime without damaging the fabric or frame.  We also apply repellent to ensure your items remain water, mildew and mold resistant.

We suggest to visit professional cleaning services that you can use for regular maintenance on your product.

Call or stop by with your product for a Free Estimate.


Has your awning come loose from the frame?  Unraveling or torn?  Repairs and recovers, we can do!  Years of exposure to sun, wind, and water, or because neglect, materials can fade, sag or deteriorate.  In many cases, the frames are in good shape. With our mobile repair team, we can come to your home or business.

Let us recover the fabric and make it “good as new” while saving you money.

Does your specialty cover, boat cover, or canvas/fabric product need a little TLC?  We modify, fix tears, add snaps, replace grommets or straps and much more.