Temporary Vestibule Entrance Windbreak

Protect your employees and customers even under the harshest of elements by adding awnings and windbreak panels to your entrance. Windbreak panels not only protect against the wind, they also provide shelter from the rain and snow.  They reduce the need for shoveling and salting and lessen the possibility of slips when your entrance is covered and protected.

Customers typically leave these panels up year-round, however, there are options for moveable panels or walls and lace-on curtains to create that same barrier, used seasonally, and they provide the same great benefits!

Not only do we fabricate new canopies with the framed or lace-on style walls, we customize those same panels to fit existing canopies, too.

We offer a variety of styles and fabrics to meet your needs.

Our Most Common Style:  Aluminum frame with clear vinyl glass and fabric border

Other Styles:  Lace-on removable walls, aluminum panels with opaque fabric or canvas or vinyl barriers

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A few projects we’ve worked on include:

  • Existing Storefronts
  • Medical/Ambulance Entrances
  • Smoking Enclosures