Window Awnings For Commercial Business

First Impressions Matter.

You have the right location for your business.  Now, it’s time to get noticed!  Increase your curb appeal and create a warm inviting exterior that entices potential customers to enter.  We have your solution: choose from one of our many eye-catching styles and designs of window awnings.  We custom fabricate the awnings to fit your space, taste and budget.

Choose from our many options available:

Standing Seam, Aluminum and Metal Awnings

These offer long lasting, durable finishes that not only allow for many years of low maintenance beauty, but will enhance the architectural structure of new and old buildings. We have installed these awnings over both windows and doors.

Sign Style or Waterfall

The waterfall awning is a smooth curve unit which can be used to break up the hard lines of a building by adding dimension, color and the perfect style for graphic application. Many have the option to create a backlit awning from this style for illuminated signage and advertising.  Get noticed day and night!

Barrel Awnings

Just as the name implies, barrel awnings look like barrels on their sides. This design curves over an entry or elongated over windows.  With a flat surface facing forward, graphics can easily be applied.

Bubble/Dome Awning

Bubble or Dome Awnings are classically elegant and feature a softly ballooning design that curves outward. The frame is typically aluminum and covered with fabric.  They are commonly seen over smaller doors and windows.  The standard bubble/dome awning is symmetrical; the height and projection is the same dimension while the width must be double the height/projection dimension.

Mansard/Shed Awnings

Mansard and Shed Style Awnings are triangular in design, feature a standard front panel that descends and are the most common to people because they have been around for centuries.

Mansard awnings tend to have a rigid or soft valance and side panels, while a shed style awning comes without side panels. Both awnings can be used for windows, entries, porches, patio and more.  They are considered a traditional awning and typically used when restoring historical buildings.