Front Entrance Doorway Canopies

Get noticed by adding the old fashioned charm of a store front awning to your building. Let a distinctive set of fabric awnings renovate your older building and add curb appeal to your new construction or renovation projects.  We use modern technology in fabricating your awnings to create high-quality, long-lasting, eye-catching, and purposeful awnings on your building.  It’s where function meets fashion!

Quickly communicate your brand and be seen day or night by adding custom graphics to you awning. Supply us with a vector file (such as .AI or .EPS) of your graphics and we will provide you with a rendering of our awning on your building for your approval.

To ensure long-lasting beauty and easy maintenance, we use only the finest, durable materials that are water, mildew, rust, fade, and flame resistant. We can fabricate canvas and vinyl covered awnings in addition to metal and aluminum awnings.

We offer quick quotes, on-time delivery and bonded and insured performance.

Barrel Awnings look as their name implies, like large barrels on their sides. These awnings curve over an entry or, when elongated, can be used over windows and more expansive areas. A Barrel Awning can be designed so that it curves in the front with flat sides. However, if designed with the flat surface facing forward, graphics can be easily applied.

Bubble Awnings or Dome Awnings are classically elegant and feature a softly ballooning design that curves outward. The frame is typically aluminum and covered with fabric and the standard quarter-sphere is most often seen over smaller doors and windows. The standard Dome Awning or Bubble Awning is symmetrical.  The height dimension must be the same as the projection dimension. Then the width must be double the height/projection dimension.

Elongated Dome Awnings are the stretched-out versions of their smaller brothers and are used to cover broader expanses. The sides of both styles are usually curved.

Canopies – While many people use the words Canopy and Awning interchangeably, a Canopy is usually defined as being supported by one or more poles or stanchions while an awning is not.  A Canopy can be either attached to a building or freestanding and covered in fabric, vinyl or metal. It provides excellent coverage for large entries, patios and walkways but can be used for many other purposes.

Casement Awnings are more box-like in shape and are constructed with enough height, width and depth for a crank-out casement window to be easily opened and closed. A Casement Awning can be made from aluminum or fabric.