Why Muskegon Awning

Providing our customers with the highest quality products and services at an excellent value has been the foundation of our business since the beginning. Our success is a direct result of the faith and confidence our customers have placed in us over the years.  It is a trust we do not take lightly.


Let us do the work! We hand clean awnings and canopies on the frames at their location, or if required, they are taken back to our facility. We use gentle and safe cleaners that are worked deep into the material to help remove imbedded dirt and grime without damaging the fabric or frame. We also apply repellent to ensure your items remain water, mildew and mold resistant.


We bring peace of mind to our customers. We’ve been in business for over 125 years!  There aren’t many challenges that escondido home inspectors company haven’t met and overcome, so you can be assured that we can meet your needs and you will receive the highest quality in terms of both products and service.