Mooring Boat Covers Built To Speck

For the boat owner who is serious about protecting his investment

Mooring Covers

Traditional mooring covers are full covers that snap around the perimeter.  Customers most often purchase this style cover when they keep their boat in the water through boating season.  Mooring poles (similar to tent poles) prop the cover up to prevent water from pooling and sagging the cover.  Due to the variety of boats having different features and in different sizes, we’ll have a few simple questions for you to help us better understand your needs. Call or stop in our showroom and we’ll provide you with a quote.  It’s that simple!

You can expect the following questions to be asked:

  1. Any areas for special fitting? Walk-through windshield, one or two fitted windshields, trolling motor, etc.
  2. Is there a trolling motor to fit over?
  3. Would you like boat vents installed in the cover (helps with air circulation)?
  4. Would you like the cover to extend over your main motor and/or kicker motor? Would you like a separate cover for your motor(s)?

Our base pricing for mooring covers includes the mooring poles, lined rub points, and we’ll use Aqualon Mist Grey for fabric. The Aqualon fabric is a two-ply polyester duck, double coated with a pigmented vinyl resin on the topside and a durable water resistant finish on the underside. It remains flexible in all climates, the color will not rub off, nor crack, peel or harden. Aqualon is resistant to mildew, abrasion, water penetration, most petroleum products, UV rays and a wide range of acid and alkaline products.   For an additional charge, we can special order Aqualon in another color or use Sunbrella fabric.

Due to the fabricated custom fit, we must have your boat trailered to our shop.  Typically, you can drop your boat off on a Monday and pick it up on Friday (that’s assuming we’re not backlogged; it is always best to call in advance and we encourage you to book early during peak seasons).  You can feel at ease with your boat left at our shop, we keep it securely inside for the duration of its stay.  Our bays are only so large and we are limited to the size of boat kept inside; maximum size 26’ length x 11’ height x 11’6” width.