Industrial Canvas Containment Chutes & Industrial Services

We have the equipment and expertise to fabricate custom-sewn, heavy-duty, industrial filters and chutes. Provide us with dimensions, pictures, specs and a sketch and we can create a one-of-a-kind custom fit filter or chute that’s designed specifically for your needs.

Industrial Sewing, Heavy-Duty Sewing for Factories and general Canvas and Fabric Sewing have been as much a part of our business this past century as have Awnings and Canopies.

From custom-sewn, heavy-duty industrial filters to factory chutes to made-to-fit cases for almost anything you can name…if it’s fabric and requires hand sewing and assembly, we’ve got you covered. In fact, even if it’s never been made before, our innovative design team can develop and custom fabricate specialized solutions for your unique and specific needs.

Just a Few Examples of What We Can Create for You:
  • Chemical Filters and Chemical Bags
  • Industrial Bags and Purifiers
  • Industrial Filters
  • Equipment, Duct, Storage Covers
  • Generator and A/C Covers
  • Thermal Covers and Dust Covers
  • Specialty Connectors and Chutes
  • Commercial Upholstery
  • All Types and Sizes of Covers and Cases
  • Almost Anything Made from Fabric Requiring Hand Craftsmanship

Heavy Duty, Industrial Sewing You Name It We’ll Sew It!

  • Heavy-Duty Industrial Sewing Expertise and Expertise
    Our experienced industrial sewers are some of the fastest and most expert in the region, delivering cost-effective designs and production and consistent, quality workmanship.
  • Best-choice Materials and Fabrics
    Poly, mesh and canvas fabrics from leading manufacturers: cotton duck, nylon mesh, polyester mesh, PVC mesh, vinyl coated, aluminized fiber glass, high-temperature silica fabrics; Fire, water and sun resistant fabrics; Heavy-duty and reliable threads, bindings and fasteners.
  • Professional Graphics and Application
    Digital, paint, vinyl, eradication, appliqué and more.
  • Responsive Customer Service
    By phone, fax or email ensuring on time and on budget delivery of your order.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction
    Accurate measurement; skillful production and assembly; Expert installation by bonded and insured professionals; Your 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Fast, Reliable Industrial Sewing Repairs Are Our Specialty

Weather and wear eventually take their toll on even the highest quality materials. That’s why businesses and manufacturers across the region call us. We patch, stitch, seal, reinforce, re-grommet or even, if necessary, remake your Industrial Sewing product and get it back to you on time and on budget.